Reachers help extend your arm reach when mobility is limited. They can be helpful for picking up dropped items, reaching items on a high shelf, or even used for dressing. There are many different kinds of reachers and how you plan to use them will determine which will be the best fit for you.


The Picksy is a reacher alternative which can be useful for those with limited grip strength. If you are unable to hold onto the trigger of a regular reacher while moving an object then the Picksy is for you! The Picksy uses a sticky pad the bottom which sticks to items dropped on the floor. The pad can be washed after use and re-used over and over. It can pick up objects 1 pound and under however many reviewers reported being able to pick up their phones. The Picksy is extendable in length from 13 inches to 39 inches. Due to it’s sticky nature, it cannot be used for dressing but could be used to pick up dropped socks! The handle has ridges/texture to improve grip.


The extendable length makes the Picksy a great tool for kids!

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