3 in 1 Long-Handle Lotion Applicator


Long-handled tool that can be used to help apply lotion when arm mobility is limited.


Applying lotion is a very important component of keeping your skin hydrated and healthy but can also be very difficult when FOP limits your mobility. This long-handled back brush has a curved handle which may help some individuals reach their back to exfoliate or apply lotion. Included with this tool is a solf nylon brush and two lotion applicator pads. A sticky hook is also included to hang the tool on the wall at an accessible height. The handle is 18.9 inches long and can be folded for easier storing or for travel. The lotion applicator pads can be used to more easily and evenly apply lotions, creams, gels, moisturizers and sunscreen. Using a tool such as this lotion applicator can help some individuals with FOP complete daily routines more independently and reduce the reliance on caregivers.


Keep your brush and lotion applicator pads clean to prevent the spread of bacteria on your skin. It is also recommended that you replace the attachments every 3-5 months for best hygiene practices.

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