Tool that can extend your reach while bathing or showering.


Showering tools can be used to help extend your reach if arm mobility is limited. There are numerous styles on the internet so be sure to do a search to find one that meets your specific FOP needs. We have tried to include multiple styles in this Guidebook. This particular tool has a 19-inch long handle and 3 interchangeable heads: a sponge, a bristle brush and a pumice stone for areas of rough skin such as feet or elbows. The handle is slightly curved and folds for easy storage or travel (handle does not stay fixed at a certain angle – only positions are fully extended or fully folded).



* Some sellers of this tool offer a “stiff brush” and a “soft brush” for you to choose from. Make sure you pay attention to which brush you are purchasing as a “stiff” brush may be too harsh on the skin.

* There is a link below for replacement sponges, but there were no apparent links for replacement bristle brushes or pumice stones. If this tool works well for you, a better option may be to just buy a second tool rather than try to find replacement heads.

Where to purchase

U.S. Amazon Smile - sold by LFJ affiliate