Cell phone holders are wonderful tools which help reduce fatigue or pain from holding your cell phone during a phone call, a video call, while playing games, or watching a movie. Many different types of cell phone holders are on the market.  Questions to ask yourself before purchase include:

  • Where do I want to mount my cell phone?
  • Where do I most frequently use my cell phone?
  • How is the movement in my shoulders, elbows, and neck?

Attaching a cell phone mount to your bed can be very helpful not only to reduce fatigue or pain from holding it but it can free up your hands for other activities and make access to your phone a breeze. Special thanks to community member Emma for suggesting this tool!


This phone/tablet holder is designed to attach to the headboard of your bed. The extendable elbow brackets make it adjustable to find the right fit! You’ll want to make sure you headboard is not too wide otherwise the clamp will not fit.

Where to purchase

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