Elevated garden beds for easier access by those with limited mobility or who use a wheelchair.


Gardening is a great hobby that can get you outdoors and reconnected with nature. Raising a garden bed is a great strategy for keeping animals out of your vegetable crops, but it can also be useful for individuals who wish to garden but have limited mobility or use a wheelchair. Building a raised garden makes tending to the garden easier without having to bend over or get on the ground. An added bonus of building a raised bed yourself is designing the shape and height to accomodate your specific accessibility needs. For FOP, building a very narrow garden reduces the need to reach far into the planting area, and the height can be built at a specific height for your reaching capabilities or at a height that allows your wheelchair to roll underneath and get especially close to the plants. The shape of the garden can even allow your wheelchair to be surrounded by the garden in front and on both sides (as pictured above with the “U” shaped garden bed).

Thank you to Kathleen for sharing a picture of her raised garden bed that her brother-in-law Aaron built for her. Below you can see the details of the construction as well as the finished garden bed with Kathleen’s veggies! Yum! Thanks for sharing Kathleen!



There are also telescoping tools that can help you reach further into a garden or help you tend to a garden that is planted in the ground. Check out our other posts on adaptive gardening tools in the “Outdoor Activities” section of the Hobbies & Recreation category in this Online Guidebook!

Get inspired to build an elevated garden bed with one of the many tutorials on YouTube! Here’s one to get you started: