Adjustable Dressing Stick


Dressing sticks assist with putting on and taking off clothes.


Dressing sticks are long, sturdy sticks (usually about 27-inches) constructed of wood, metal, or plastic. There is a metal S-shaped hook at one end coated with smooth vinyl to provide a snag-free grip on the clothing. The opposite end has either a smaller hook to assist with pulling zippers up and down, or a shoe horn for assistance with slipping into shoes.  Some sticks, such as this one, adjust to different lengths which is great for compact storage when traveling or to easily carry it and keep it near you at all times. There may also be times when using only half of the dressing stick might be easier, such as younger children using the dressing stick with smaller movements closer to the body or when FOP causes the hand position to be especially close to the body.


FOP community members use dressing sticks for many different purposes, such as reaching and turning on/off light switches, pulling an object closer to them, pushing doors open or even to help them reposition themselves in bed by using it to push again a mattress surface.

Dressing sticks can be hard to use at first and may require practice. This video shows how to use a dressing stick with a variety of different types of clothing.

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