Adjustable Height Shower Chair


Adjustable height bath chair for individuals with FOP who cannot flex at the hips or sit in a shorter bath chair.


When FOP prevents someone from flexing at the hips, sitting in a traditional bath chair may not be possible without significant modification to the chair. This bath chair by Platinum Health was originally designed for individuals to use after hip or knee surgery to prevent them from excessively bending at the hip or knee. The adjustable legs of this chair allows the seat height to be raised to 27.5 inches which is similar to barstool-height. The seat also adjusts up to 13-degrees postioning the front of the seat lower than the back of the seat. This tilted angle makes sitting more comfortable for someone with FOP whose hips are more extended and cannot sit in a standard low bathchair. The higher height and angled seat can also make transfering on and off the chair easier for someone with FOP.

The armrests, back and seat are padded with commercial-grade polyurethane foam that will not absorb water and are easy to clean and disinfect. The frame is made from heavy duty aluminum that is light but durable and will not rust.


There are non-slip rubber grips on the feet of the chair, but extreme caution should still be taken so that the chair does not move when transferring on and off both before and after showering when wet. Consider positioning the chair against a shower wall to prevent it from moving when sitting down and standing up and additionally have a caregiver present for assitance and safety.

This chair can hold up to 265 pounds.

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