Assists with extending reach and scratching hard to reach areas.


A back scratcher obviously assists with scratching areas that you cannot reach.  Many people find these simple bamboo back scratchers do the trick and can usually be found at a discount store for around $1-$2.  There are many styles of back scratchers on the internet if you want something fancier or more sturdy.  Telescoping back scratchers are nice for travel and are also made of metal and less likely to break with repeated use.


Back scratchers can be used for ALL SORTS of different things – check out Miriam Rocke’s video on a few ways she uses hers.  Do you have other uses you have found?  Send them in to share with others!


Nancy Sando shared THIS creative tip!  She uses rubber bands to hold 2 back scratches together which then allows her to hold and extend very thin items such as pieces of paper, receipts, etc.  Thanks for the tip Nancy!

Where to purchase

The Dollar Store - check your local discount stores for lowest priced bamboo scratchers
Amazon Smile - Bear claw scratchers