Bath Visors


Keeps soap and water out of the eyes when neck mobility is limited.


When a child’s neck mobility is limited, it can be hard for them to position their heads when having their hair washed to make sure they don’t get soap or water in their ears or eyes.  This can make bath time very stressful for a young child.  By using a bath visor, water is deflected away from the child’s face without the need to tilt their head back or to either side.


There are many types of bath visors on the market, so search for one with features that you desire.  Some bath visors work like shields that you temporarily hold up while rinsing the hair, while others are “hands-free” visors that the child wears during the entire bath so both of your hands are free to help with washing or safety.  There are also brands that are more elaborate and include extra protection for the ears.

Where to purchase

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