Incontinence pads used as an additional protective layer inside disposable incontinence underwear.


If you have ever searched for incontinence products, you have likely found incontinence pads that can be worn inside regular underwear, or you have found disposable incontinence underwear that can be worn instead of regular underwear to catch unexpected leaks due to incontinence. Different pads and disposable underwear products are typically created to protect against different volumes of liquids so that you can wear more protective products overnight and less bulky products during the day when you may have easier access to the bathroom. However, these BECAUSE© Premium Boosters are a completely different product. These are unisex inserts designed to work WITH a pair of protective incontinence underwear to increase total absorbency overall.

If you have moderate to heavy urinary incontinence or high absorbency needs, incontinence booster pad inserts may help. Booster pad inserts can extend the use of incontinence underwear for much longer by providing extra absorbency. These Booster pads are built like a pad, without the waterproof backing. The pads are kept in place by an adhesive strip on the back of the incontinence product and should be placed inside of a pair of incontinence underwear. The booster pads are topped with a smooth, cotton-like material that quickly draws moisture away from the skin keeping you dry and comfortable. Since the pad does not have a waterproof backing, liquid can flow through to the underwear layer once the pad is saturated. Booster pads should be changed when full but before soaking through. This can reduce overall costs of incontinence products because the outer incontinence underwear being worn is a “backup” level of protection and need not be replaced as often.

Booster pads hold more than 4 cups of liquid and may be a great choice for individuals with FOP who struggle with regular trips to the bathroom or who have legs that have fused very closely together and don’t allow for more rigid portable urinals to be positioned effectively. Booster pads are also a great way to add additional protection at night when a caregiver may not be available to assist with a trip to the bathroom, especially since some styles of incontinence overnight underwear can hold up to 8 cups or liquid. Just remember, Booster pads are intended to be worn WITH a pair of incontinence underwear – not alone.

Check out the video below for a closer look at BECAUSE© Premium Boosters to learn how they work!





BECAUSE© has numerous incontinence products on their website for both men and women, so it may be worthwhile to search their entire website for items that may assist with your specific needs. The first link provided below is the main BECAUSE© website, and the second link will take you directly to the Premium Boosters.