Bidets provide a deeper cleaning experience after using the toilet assisting those with limited reach, requiring less effort and potentially reducing the amount of toilet paper needed.


For assistance with toilet hygiene, there are many options to choose from other than just using toilet paper.  A bidet is a specialized bathroom fixture that sprays a targeted stream of water exactly where you need it to clean your backside.  Don’t know much about bidets?

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There are many options when choosing a bidet, including:

  • Mini hand-held travel bidets: these need to be held down near your backside and may not be the best option for someone with limited reach, but they are great for travel.
  • Bidet attachments and add-on sprayers that attach to your existing toilet: these are inexpensive options if you just want to try a bidet but aren’t sure you’ll like them.  Some attachments have an automatic sprayer positioned down in the toilet bowl, but others have a hand-held nozzle which may be difficult for someone with limited reach to position the nozzle where it is needed.
  • Bidet toilet seats: these are installed in place of your existing seat.  Installation is pretty easy and it is not permanent so that you could remove the seat and take it with you if you move.
  • Entire toilets with integrated bidets: buying a whole new toilet can be expensive and are more complicated to install.  They are also permanent and cannot be taken with you if you move.
  • Completely separate bidet fixtures: stand-alone bidets are a separate fixture from the toilet and therefore take up extra space and require additional plumbing. They are also permanent and cannot be taken if you move.

Bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats are the easiest solution when adapting your toilet. When choosing a bidet attachment, some come with dials positioned low near the toilet seat which may be difficult for someone with FOP to reach. However, newer models are now using remotes that would be much easier for someone with FOP to use, as long as the remote is stored somewhere easily accessible near the toilet. Also, shop around for bidet toilet seats to find one with features you need as seats range from basic to very luxurious models that can be very expensive. If you find a bidet toilet seat that you like but it costs a lot of money, first check to see if your insurance or public assistance will help cover some of the costs. If not, don’t forget the IFOPA has the Harold & Elaine Kaplan Quality of L.I.F.E. Awards that can potentially help pay for adaptive equipment and items such as this to help keep you clean and healthy!


If you are using a bidet attachment and need to store a remote somewhere accessible, consider using sticky-backed 3M velcro strips to attach the remote or nozzle to a wall or cabinet next to the toilet at a height that is convenient and easy to reach!