BlendJet®2 Portable Blender


To blend and puree foods when jaw mobility is limited.


The BlendJet® 2 is a battery-powered personal blender for making smoothies and other pureed foods or single-serve drinks on the go. It is a compact model (9in x 3in) that is BPA-free, has a very light, quiet design and comes in a variety of bright colors. It’s meant to be portable, meaning you can drink directly from its 16-ounce jar with the blade assembly and motor base attached, or screw the lid on and put the whole blender in your bag. The USB-C charging port is water-resistant, lasts for 15+ blends and recharges quickly. This personal blender is also easy to clean – simply add water and soap and blend, then rinse and you’re ready to go! *(NOTE: this blender is not safe for the dishwasher).


The BlendJet® 2 is not the best at processing fibrous ingredients (such as kale) and may leave a grainy texture. It also typically isn’t powerful enough to completely pulvarize ice but will still break up ice cubes in your smoothie or shake recipe. The BlendJet® also cannot safely blend hot ingredients, so your ingredients need to cool down if you want to use it for soup.

Where to purchase

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