Non-adhesive, double-sided material that prevents slipping and improves grip on unlimited objects.


CatTongue is a new brand of anti-slip material that is now shipped worldwide. This material uses a non-abrasive, slip-proof technology that stabilizes your grip on objects when either placing the object on a CatTongue grip pad or applying CatTongue tape to the object’s handle or surface. CatTongue Grips were first developed to be used on cell phones, tablets and laptops, but CatTongue products now include tape and pre-cut kits that allow you to put the grip-enhancing material on practically anything. CatTongue is latex free, waterproof, anti-microbial and recyclable. The double-sided material is a non-adhesive grip product that also repels dirt, lint and debris and is “grippy”, not sticky. Here are just a few ways CatTongue could help keep needed items in your grip more easily:

  • use on your cell phone, tablet and laptop to prevent them slipping out of your hands, off your lap, or off a resting surface such as the couch or table top
  • use under your wheelchair cushion to keep it from shifting or slipping off the chair
  • use on other surfaces of your wheelchair for a better grip or anti-slip (drive controller, footplates, wheelchair tray or other attachements)
  • use on TV remotes and gaming controllers
  • use under cutting boards and dinner plates or use on the handles of silverware, kitchen utensils and gadgets, cups and water bottles
  • use on grab bars in the bathroom near the toilet and in the shower
  • use on hygiene items such as a hairbrush, hair dryer and your toothbrush for a better grip
  • use on your desk to keep your keyboard or other items from moving around
  • use on a child’s desk to keep papers, books and supplies from shifting
  • use underneath your crafts and hobbies to keep small items from slipping out of reach (use under puzzles, under beads or jeweltry making, under paper crafting or card-making, wrap your crochet needles for better grip, wrap around the handles of tools for DIY projects, enhance the handles of school and art supplies or sporting goods, etc.)

How to make

Lara from Canada sent in this great tip!  She uses the rubber bands from broccoli or asparagus bunches around her favorite cups or water bottles to get extra “grip” which makes holding them easier! GREAT TIP LARA!

Where to purchase

CatTongue website - Grips, tape and pre-cut kits