Clip-on mirror


Helps you see behind you when neck mobilty is limited.


This clip-on mirror is perfect to attach to your computer monitor or desk when working. When FOP limits neck mobility, it can be extremely difficult (or even impossible) to turn and look when someone speaks to you or enters your office. Your options are to either swivel your entire body around to see your co-workers, or you could use this handy clip-on mirror to see someone that may be to the side or behind you. This is also a way to make sure you are safe and there are no unfamiliar individuals or obstructions in your workspace. This might also be a handy tool for children in the classroom to attach to their desk, or for teens to attach to their computer monitor at school, home or video game consoles.


Multiple mirrors could be used in different locations around your office locations to help you see in all directions. However, use extreme caution if you are considering placing a mirror such as this on a wheelchair – while it may help you see to the side or behind you, using the mirror while moving could distract you, make you dizzy or disoriented, and potentially cause an accident or injury. This tool is safest when used while sitting stationary.

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If you look closely, you can see Emma’s mirror that she has attached between her two computer monitors. It is aimed at the door behind her so she can more easily see who enters her office or is speaking to her. Thanks for sharing your great tip Emma!