Mattress overlay that uses alternating air to redistribute body weight in bed and help prevent pressure sores.


Thank you to Cathy Dreschler and Steve Eichner for recommending this device!

Individuals with FOP often have bony prominences which create intense pressure points when lying on a mattress putting them at risk for pressure sores. The Cloud Air® mattress topper is an air-filled pad that is placed over a bed mattress and used to help prevent pressure sores. Cloud Air® toppers consist of 130 pre-programmed air cells that gently inflate and deflate to distribute the user’s weight and reduce pressure points. The constant airflow helps to increase the body’s circulation, relieve pressure spots and prevent skin breakdown. The gentle wave-like therapy also works to relax muscles and is an effective sleep solution for relief from pressure points and a cool sleep surface for optimum comfort. Pressure levels of the topper can be customized based on your individual needs, and the pressure pump is one of the quietest pumps compared to similar air toppers. Each air cell is also pre-treated and heat-sealed to ensure the integrity of the mattress. The medical grade vinyl mattress topper is waterproof, easy to clean and will lay on any mattress or frame, supporting up to 300 lbs. Size of Mattress Topper: 36″x78″x3″ (when fully inflated). Includes top and bottom flaps to secure mattress topper to bed.


Cathy likes how quiet this particular topper is and states it cushions her tailbone nicely and has helped heal a bed sore. She also likes that you can easily put your bed sheets right over the pad. Steve shares that because the price is reasonable, he was able to purchase a second topper to keep at his parents’ home so he does not have to transport the air topper back and forth when he visits them. Great tips! Thanks Cathy and Steve!

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