Collis Curve Triplefit Periodontal Toothbrush


If an individual with FOP has a partially fused jaw, a regular toothbrush may not fit through the remaining opening between their upper and lower teeth. Periodontal toothbrushes are rounded and designed to fit in small spaces and clean the whole tooth. Periodontal toothbrushes are a great alternative to squeeze into tight openings between overbites or limited jaw space. This particular toothbrush was sent to by Samson whose mom reports it has been very useful since his jaw fused.


There are many different brands that carry toothbrushes so it is important to find the right one for you. Things to consider when picking the right one for you

  • Do you prefer a soft or firm toothbrush?
  • How big/small is the head of the toothbrush
  • Is the handle easy to hold? Does it have additional features to promote grip?

How to make

If reach is an issue, the toothbrush can be taped to the end of a dowel rod to give additional length.

Where to purchase

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