Adaptive tools that are easier to hold and use during crafting.


Crafting is a hobby that many people with FOP enjoy doing, often without needing any adaptive equipment.  However, if there is loss of mobility, weakness or fatigue preventing you from engaging in a hobby such as making crafts, there may be a few adaptive tools that could help.  Adaptive scissors are designed to require less strength to work and reduce hand fatigue which is perfect for children beginning to learn fine-motor skills or adults with physical impairments.

Loop scissors are designed wtih a “spring” action that allows the scissors to automatically pop back open after cutting to make it easier to to stay in control and are more stable.  These easy-to-squeeze scissors help people with low coordination or hand strength to cut safely and more easily.

“Spring-loaded” scissors are similar to “loop” scissors and automatically open back up after cutting.  The user simply squeezes the scissor handles together to make cuts.  The ergonomically shaped softgrip handles makes holding these scissors more comfortable.  Fiskars is also a brand of scissors that has a very durable blade that can cut thicker materials than just paper, such as denim or multiple layers of fabric.  These are popular scissors for adults.

Table top “push-down” scissors are an option that do not require you to hold the scissors in your hand.  These scissors have a removeable base with a suction cup that allows you to secure the scissors to the table and simply press down on the handle with your hand, finger, elbow or anything else to depress the scissors to cut.  The internal spring assists the scissors to easily open back up after cutting.

Noor shared pictures of her adaptive scissors and crafts after an IFOPA social crafting event!