Adjustable desks with features that can assist children with FOP in school or at home.


While some children with FOP may not have any limitations until they are older, others may develop limited neck, arm or trunk mobility while they are young.  In these situations, special accommodations can be make to help children still be able to participate successfully in school.  One of these accommodations is a special desk that can adjust in height and allows the desk top surface to tilt to different angles.  An adjustable height allows the child to use flexible seating options that will still allow the desk to be accessible no matter the seating height.  This also allows the desk to grow with the child and be adjustable if the child needs to use a wheelchair at an older age.  The tilted desk surface can help children visually see papers more easily on the desk surface if their neck mobility is limited, and it can also bring the writing surface closer to the child if they need to write but have limited arm mobility.


Desks with a curved front edge make more of the desk surface accessible when arm reach is limited, so consider this when working with your child’s school to find an appropriate desk.

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