Dressing stick that assists with putting on and taking off clothing and shoes.


This versatile 2-sided dressing stick with a shoe horn is very useful when putting on and taking off clothing and shoes. Side 1 has a non-slip cap on the tip for better control when handling clothing. Side 2 is a smooth, rounded push hook that slides safely along the skin. The opposite end of the 24.8-inch stick has a shoe horn that can assist with sliding your heel into your shoes when FOP limits your ability to bend down towards the feet. This particular style of dressing stick has foam tubing wrapped around the entire length making it easier and more comfortable to grip. Other styles of dressing sticks include 2-piece sticks, adjustable sticks and sticks made from materials other than plastic, such as wood or metal. Shop around to find the style that works best for you and your specific FOP needs.


Dressing sticks can be difficult to use at first and can take a lot of practice. Learn at your own pace but keep persisting – the ability to dress and undress independently can be a very rewarding accomplishment.

This YouTube video does a great job showing the different uses of the dressing stick.