Drive Medical Deluxe Drop-Arm Commode


Bedside commode for toileting with adjustable legs, drop-down arms and removeable back to accomodate various body positions of those with FOP.


FOP can make getting to the bathroom or sitting on a standard toilet more difficult. It is a personal preference, but using a commode chair may be an easier option for toileting if you are able to find one that is compatible with your unique FOP circumstances. Different commode styles offer a variety of features such as foldable portability, security and stability or microbial protection. This particular commode chair by Drive Medical was suggested by FOP community member Stacie Miller because of the drop-arm feature and removeable back. Stacie is fused in a nearly straight position and this chair allowed her to remove the back so it was not in her way, and she feels the padded seat is better than other commodes she researched. The drop-arm mechanism also allows for safe transfers on and off the seat from the side if needed. The 12 quart commode bucket is included and has a carry handle and splash shield.

The height of the commode chair is adjustable from 19-23 inches, the seat is 15.25 inches wide by 16.75 inches deep and there is 19 inches between the armrests (23.75 inches outside measurement of armrests). The weight capacity is 300 pounds.

Where to purchase

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