Electric scooters can assist those with limited mobilty who may still be able to walk and are not yet using a wheelchair but would benefit from a mobility device for longer distances.


For younger individuals with FOP who are still able to walk, getting around school buildings or buildings in the community such as large department stores may become too difficult. Scooters are an option to consider as an alternative to walking longer distances and a way to conserve energy. The Drive ZooMe Three-Wheel Recreational Scooter is a mobility device that features a powerful motor providing speeds up to 15 mph. The handles can fold down for easier transportation in a vehicle or for storage. The fast and slow speed settings of this scooter can be changed with the switch of a button. Other features include:

  • Hand brake with locking mechanism for parking on inclines
  • Forward and reverse controls changed with the switch of a button
  • Front basket for storage
  • Pneumatic tires for the smoothest ride possible
  • Extra bright LED headlight
  • Anti-tip wheel


The handles on this particular scooter do not adjust closer to the user for a shorter reaching distance. This may prevent some individuals with FOP from reaching the handles if arm mobility is limited. Make sure to try this scooter before buying, or contact the vendor to get exact measurements for the distance of the handles from the seat.

* Even though this scooter has 3 wheels, it may be prone to tip over (both at the slow speed and especially the high speed). Using the slower speed at all times and avoiding the higher speed altogether would be best for those with FOP, and younger individuals with FOP should not use this scooter without supervision.

Different vendors offer this scooter for different prices, have different coupons and discounts, and have different shipping and return policies. Shop around to find the best deals, warranties, “try before you buy” options and return policies.

Where to purchase

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