Dycem is an anti slip tool used for for enhancing independence and reducing the risk of accidents in everyday activities. It comes in a rolls of various sizing and can be cut easily with household scissors to fit your needs.


Dycem is a rubber like material known for its non-slip properties. Dycem is composed of a blend of polymers that create a tacky surface capable of gripping smooth surfaces without adhesive. It is “grippy without being sticky”. Uses of Dycem are widespread and diverse!

Cooking: Dycem is popular in kitchens and dining areas to keep items like cutting boards, mixing bowls, and plates in place during meal preparation and serving. Its non-slip properties help improve safety and efficiency in these environments.

Eating: Dycem mats can be placed under plates, cups, or utensils to prevent them from sliding during meal times, providing individuals with greater control and reducing the risk of spills or accidents.

Wheelchair and Mobility Assistance: Dycem mats can be used to enhance grip and stability for wheelchair users. Placing non-slip pads on wheelchair cushions, foot peddles, or armrests helps individuals maintain their position and reduces the likelihood of sliding or shifting during movement, improving comfort and safety.

Bathroom: Dycem mats are utilized in bathrooms to enhance safety for individuals with limited mobility. Dycem can be placed under bath mats to prevent slips and falls, providing users with confidence and stability while bathing. It can also be used to help secure shower chairs and prevent damage to the tub/shower.

Transfers: Dycem mats aid in safe transfers for individuals moving between surfaces, such as from bed to wheelchair or chair to standing position. Non-slip mats placed on beds, chairs, or other surfaces provide traction and stability, reducing the risk of slipping or losing balance during transfers.

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