EazyHold is a silicone strap designed to attach to everyday objects to make then easier to hold.


EazyHold straps come in a variety of sizes and can fit objects big and small. Designed for both adults and kids, the EazyHold strap makes holding on to objects easier and reduces the need to have a firm grasp or dynamic finger mobility. These flexible universal cuffs attach securely to enable a comfortable grip on eating utensils, writing implements, cups, ADL tools such a brushes/combs/hairdryers, toys and more! EazyHold straps are made of soft, flexible food-grade silicone, are hypoallergenic and are latex free. They can be washed in the dishwasher or cleaned with disinfectant wipes. Many members of the FOP community use items attached to dowels to extend their reach such as a toothbrush or fork. Dowels can be difficult to hang onto and adding an EazyHold can reduce the chance of dropping your dowel. An EazyHold strap might also be an ideal tool for holding onto a water bottle. 



The founder of EazyHold was kind enough to donate a set to the Ability Toolbox as well as  offer a discount code for their product. You can enter IFOPA15 at checkout on eazyhold.com or alternatively use this link: https://eazyhold.com/discount/IFOPA15

Where to purchase

EazyHold Webpage - Click Here
EazyHold International Shipping - Click Here
Amazon - Click Here

Check out my demo of the EazyHold HERE