Long handled adaptive hair brush for individuals who have limited arm, wrist, shoulder or hand mobility.


The ETAC Long Handle Brush is shaped to follow the curve of the head.  It comes with a rubber grip on the handle making it easier to hold and grip onto. It measures 37 cm in length  Because it is made by a medical supply company, it is available in several different countries.


Something to consider before buying a hair brush:

Do you prefer a soft or hard texture to the brush? Amazon reviews report this brush to have a soft texture. This could be ideal for children or others with sensitivity. It might not work great for people whose hair tangles easily or is curly.

How to make

If you are handy this product could be made at home using a brush, curved PVC piping and duck tape. Insert the brush into the PVC pipe and use the tape to secure them together. You will need to make sure you find a thin hairbrush handle so that it fits within the PVC piping.


Where to purchase

Amazon FRANCE - ETAC Long Handle Brush
Amazon GERMANY - ETAC Long Handle Brush