Extendable Forks & Spoons


Fork or spoon that extends to longer lengths for those who have limited reach.


Extending forks are designed with a telescopic handle that is easy to use.  These forks can be extended from 8.5 inches all the way up to 25 inches for a custom length that meets your needs.  Collapse the fork back down after meals for easy storage.  This extendable fork is a stainless steel material for easy cleaning.

There are also foldable forks, such as the REI Titanium Camping fork.  This fork has a screw in the middle to loosen and tighten the two lengths allowing you to extend the fork for eating and fold the fork back down for easy storage.

Additionally, there are a few long-handle forks and spoons on the internet from different therapy vendors.  These particular types of utensils might be helpful for someone with FOP and limited reach because the handle is a long bendable piece of foam allowing the utensil to be positioned in any angle needed.  However, utensils from therapy vendors such as these are usually much more expensive.


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How to make

A long-handled fork or spoon is a tool that you can easily make at home!  Simply duct tape your favorite fork or spoon to long pieces of wood or metal rods to make any length of eating utensil you need! Sandra shared photos of her homemade extended fork – thank you Sandra!