Flattened Food & Panini Press


A panini press is a kitchen appliance that can be used to flatten food to make it easier to eat with a locked jaw.

This idea was sent in by Candace (Samson’s mom). Hear what she had to say:

“Samson has loved cinnamon rolls for years – and when his jaw locked back in January, I started rolling them out and cooking them in a pan, like a pancake so they were thin enough to fit in the small opening he has. He still enjoyed them, but the flavor and texture wasn’t quite right. Today I played around with rolling them out and putting them in a waffle maker (still too thick) and then remembered we have a panini press! I rolled them out and cooked them in the press and they came out just right! I made several and froze them so now when he wants them I can pop a couple in the toaster and he’s good to go! Just wanted to share with the community in case anyone else could benefit from using a press like this to help flatten foods! I’m sure lots of people do this type of thing already but it felt good to have a small victory today so I wanted to share it with the group!”

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