Fresh Knight Dental Tru-Clean Chews


Teeth-coloring tablets to visually show plaque and tartar build up.


Even though we may think we do a good job brushing our teeth, it is difficult to know if we have remaining plaque or tartar build up. Disclosing tablets are a way to make sure we are brushing effectively or if we need to improve our dental hygiene skills. Chewable disclosing tablets contain a harmless natural dye that adheres to plaque, showing up bright pink or purple. This particular brand uses a purple dye that is berry flavored. To use, simply chew one tablet and rinse your mouth gently with water before brushing. Then, examine the areas on your teeth and gums revealing the purple or pinkish tartar and plaque stains. For proper toothbrushing, focus on these plaque build-up areas. Regular use of a disclosing agent can help you improve your oral care routine reducing plaque and decreasing your risk for cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis.


Disclosing tablets are an especially good tool to use with older children when they are beginning to learn to brush their teeth independently to show them where they have missed. However, these tablets should not be swallowed and are not recommended for children under six years of age. Please also monitor your children over 6 years of age when first introducting these tablets to make sure they spit out the soloution after chewing them.

Be reminded that these make your teeth AND tongue purple so be sure to brush your teeth AND tongue, and rinse multiple times at the end of your brushing routine. It may be best to use disclosing tablets before bedtime so that any stain left in the mouth can fade overnight.

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