Cell phone holders are wonderful tools which help reduce fatigue or pain from holding your cell phone during a phone call, a video call, while playing games, or watching a movie. Many different types of cell phone holders are on the market.  Questions to ask yourself before purchase include:

  • Where do I want to mount my cell phone?
  • Where do I most frequently use my cell phone?
  • How is the movement in my shoulders, elbows, and neck?



A clamp cell phone holder can be placed on a bed frame, table, or night stand. The flexible tubing allows for different positioning and the bracket on the holder allows for multi-angle viewing to accommodate limited neck and arm range of motion.


Durability is concern with some clamp type cell phone holders and community members have reported the clamps can break when moving from one surface to another. Depending on the weight of the phone/tablet, stability my be impacted. Before purchasing make sure the clamp will expand to the width of the surface you want to attach it to.

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