Gum Chucks Flossing Tool


Alternative interdental plaque removal aid that may help make flossing faster and easier than traditional string flossing.


Traditional flossing requires wrapping the string floss tightly around your fingers which can hurt. It also requires your jaw to open very wide to get your hands and fingers in your mouth to reach the back teeth, putting strain on your jaw muscles. Gum Chuck handles can provide better leverage for those with limited dexterity and the longer handles allow for easier flossing of the back teeth without having to stick your fingers in your mouth.

Proper flossing requires making a “C-Shape” by wrapping the floss around your tooth to get beneath the gum line and disrupt bacteria and plaque. Unlike one-piece Floss Picks that hold the floss in a tight, straight position, Gum Chucks’ two-handle device gives you better leverage, lets you control the tension of the floss, and allows you to effectively clean the sides of each tooth.

The floss should be rinsed under warm water between passing on each tooth to prevent bacteria from one interdental space passing to the next interdental space. These disposable tips are also only designed for one-time use but in a pinch could be used twice if the floss isn’t frayed. However, it is strongly recommended to use a new floss head each time. Gum Chucks products are made from recycled plastic and are BPA free. The plastic bags, tips, and plastic handles are all recyclable. Typically you should also throw away your toothbrush and flossing aid after you have been sick with an infection, but Gum Chucks can be cleaned and sterilized in your dishwasher. (Place the Gum Chucks in a small utensil basket so they do not fall to the bottom of your dishwasher).


To make the Gum Chuck handles longer for those with limited arm mobility due to FOP, every day items such as a wooden dowel rod or a metal skewer could be taped to the Gum Chuck handles for extended reach!

Where to purchase

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