Gum Cleaning Swabs


Even though babies do not have teeth, parents still need to keep their baby’s mouth clean to prevent problems when teeth begin to
push through.


Gauze is commonly used to bandage wounds, but it can also be used to clean the tongue, cheeks and gums of infants very easily. Gauze is soft, yet abrasive enough, for a soothing and thorough cleaning along the gums and around any emerging baby teeth. Gauze is also a suitable alternative that adults can use to clean their teeth and gums when they are sensitive or swollen. Oral swabs are another way to clean your baby’s gums, cheeks and tongue. Swabs consist of a small sponge head or piece of gauze on a stick. The swabs are used to gently massage the gums and wipe the tongue and insides of the cheeks to remove milk and
bacteria and help prevent plaque build-up.

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