Stands for holding a dryer for hands-free hair drying if arm mobility or strength is limited.


Dryer stands can be useful when shoulder and arm mobility is limited, endurance is poor, or holding up a hair dryer for a longer period of time is too difficult.  There are different types of dryer stands including those with a suction cup base and those with a clamp base.  There are also variations in the extendable portion of the stands.  Some have stainless steel rods that adjust in height and allow 360 degree rotation where the hair dryer sits, while others have a flexible neck to adjust the angle of the hair dryer to meet your needs.

A hair dryer can also be used to dry off skin and keep folds dry. Always use a cool setting when drying the skin.

How to make

Be creative and make your own hair dryer stand!  Here is an example using a wall-mounting bracket for a small TV on the wall and they have attached the hair dryer to it using rubber bands or flexible wire ties!