Handheld shower heads can make showering easier and safer. They can also help an individual with FOP shower with reduced arm motion, get to hard to reach places, or have a caregiver assist them more safely. The best handheld shower heads have long hoses that don’t kink up, easy to operate switches and buttons on the head itself, variable spray patterns, and are also lightweight. You can find many different kinds of handheld shower heads both online and in local hardware stores. Most can be installed without a plumber and are easily replaceable if you live in a rental property.


Hand held shower wands are a nice alternative to traditional hand held shower heads. They are smaller as well as easier to hold and manage. They work great for washing single body parts such a hair or feet.


For individuals with limited arm mobility, it can be helpful to mount a holder lower in the shower to improve reach and functionality. This will also help make the shower work for every member of the household. 60 inches from the base of the shower is the recommended ADA height for wheelchair users or anyone who uses a shower chair. Having a holder can also reduce the risk of falls/trips over the cord.

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