Height and angle adjustable bed that may be more comfortable and practical for both the individual with FOP and the caregiver.


The Harmony Hi-Low Adjustable Bed can be lowered to 10.5″ from the floor and raised to 30.5″ from the floor while fully extended. Additionally, the head of the bed can be raised or lowered separately, and the foot of the bed can be raised and lowered separately as well. Being able to adjust the angles of the head and feet can provide comfort to someone with FOP, while raising the bed up high can assist a caregiver with reaching the individual in bed while protecting their back. Adjusting the height of the bed can also assist someone with FOP to more easily get onto the bed when it is low, or even help assist them up to standing while the bed rises up to a desired height. This particular bed comes with a wireless remote, a 10″ mattress and has a lift capacity of 880 pounds.

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