This tool can hold small objects, assist with fine motor skills and extend reach when arm mobility is limited. Hemostat scissors are typically tools used in a medical setting (also called forceps), but they have many uses for assisting individuals with FOP with fine motor skills and extending reach. This tool can be used in place of a fork to grab food items and extend them to the mouth, hold Q-tip applicators to apply make-up, or hold dental picks to assist with cleaning and flossing in between teeth. 


These scissors have a serrated tip for a better grip on small or slippery items, and they “lock” so that grip strength is not needed to hold an item in place. Hemostat scissors also come in many different lengths depending on the amount of reach that is needed. These scissors are 12-inches long but are also available in 16, 10, 8, 6 and 5 inches.

To Use: Separate the locking mechanism near the handle and pick up the desired object with the tip of the scissors.  Gently squeeze the clamp closed until the locking mechanism catches at the desired amount of pressure. This will hold the object securely without the need for continued grip strength.


Barbeque tongs are an “everyday item” that are easier to find than hemostats and can be used for a similar purpose.

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