Homemade Stool by Hamish (UK)


Homemade stool that accomodates supported sitting for those who have lost hip mobility due to FOP.


Thank you to Hamish from the UK for sharing his equipment! Hamish has lost hip mobility and can no longer sit in a standard chair, but he wanted to be able to have a way to still sit and conserve his energy when he is out in the community. Hamish and his caregivers came up with a way to modify the seat of a standard stool to accomodate the position he needed for his hips and legs.

How to make

For this stool, Hamish and his caregivers had the seat removed from a standard stool so that they could use the sturdy metal base frame. They then screwed a new seat frame to the original metal base which was made from wood and angled to the exact incline Hamish needed for the position of his hips in standing. Lastly they attached a covered piece of angled foam to provide comfort for Hamish when sitting. If you look closely, rubber tips from the bottom of a crutch are used on the feet of the metal frame to prevent the stool from slipping when Hamish sits down to rest Very clever Hamish! Thank you for sharing!