Portable, inflatable shampoo basin for washing hair.


Inflatable, portable shampoo bowls are an alternative way to wash hair for those who cannot get in the shower or who may not be able to wash their hair by traditional means due to limited mobility. The inflatable shampoo bowls can be used while the person remains in a wheelchair or even while in bed as long as there is a basin to catch the water. These devices inflate and deflate quickly with only a few breaths, and the deflatable design also makes it very compact for easy storage or packing in luggage for travel.

Thank you to Carli Henrotay for contributing this tool to the Ability Toolbox Online Guidebook. Carli unfortunately had a fall in the shower and was looking for a safer alternative for washing her hair. She found this inexpensive tool that helps her wash her hair in the sink and says it works really well (despite a bit of a learning curve to prevent water from getting everywhere)! Carli also likes this hair washing option because it is safer and saves her from having to transfer in the shower.