Interdental Brushes-Straight


Alternative interdental plaque removal aid that may help make flossing faster, easier, and more efficient than traditional string flossing.


Straight Interdental Brushes are designed to easily clean narrow gaps between your teeth and gums that a normal toothbrush can’t reach.

The 360° bendable brush head can easily clean the blind corners of the teeth.

Traditional flossing requires wrapping the string floss tightly around your fingers which can hurt. It also requires your jaw to open very wide to get your hands and fingers in your mouth to reach the back teeth, putting strain on your jaw muscles. Straight Interdental Brushes can provide better leverage for those with limited dexterity and the longer handles allow for easier flossing of the back teeth without having to stick your fingers in your mouth.

This reusable brush should be rinsed under warm water between passing on each tooth to prevent bacteria from one interdental space passing to the next interdental space.


There are many different brands that sell straight interdental brushes giving you the option for shorter or longer handles as well as differently sized brush heads to fit different gap sizes in between teeth.

Color coding for sizes is not universal between all brands.