Kathleen’s Crochet in Canada


Needlework technique in which yarn is made up into a patterned fabric by looping yarn with a hooked needle.


Crochet is a hobby or pastime that many individuals with FOP find they are able to despite neck, shoulder and arm restrictions.  The crochet technique is performed using a crochet hook plus a material such as yarn or crochet thread. There are numerous patterns available to make all types of objects such as baby blankets, scarves, hats, baby booties and socks, ornaments and tote bags or purses.

Check out a few of Kathleen’s projects!  Although it takes her a long time to make each project, she finds satisfaction in finishing them and enjoys gifting them to her niece and nephews or other family members and friends.  Beautiful work Kathleen!

Want to give crochet a try? Learn a few of the basic stitches and free patterns from The Spruce Crafts.