Kid-friendly grabber tools that make learning to use adaptive equipment more fun for kids.


Learning to use adaptive equipment isn’t something most kids want to do, but it is possible to make it more appealing with “kid-friendly” tools and fun activities and challenges they can try. It is also important to introduce adaptive equipment at an early age with kids to help them learn how to use a few basic tools BEFORE they actually need them. Going through a flare-up and potential loss of mobility is hard enough without having to also learn how to use a new piece of adaptive equipment at the same time. Modeling tools for your kids and giving them opportunities to practice with them can be an important step in helping them grow up with better independence skills.

These grabbers are a few examples of “fun” tools that don’t look “medical” like other pieces of adaptive equipment. They can be used to reach and grab for items during various activities both at home and at school. Kids can use these reachers to clean up their room, help take laundry out of the dryer, or retrieve items at school and put them into their backpack.

Feel free to reach out to the Ability Toolbox program for more examples of everyday activities or fun challanges your kids can do with a reaching tool!