Kiefer Swim Collar


Floatation device worn around the neck for buoyancy support in deeper water.


Floating and spending time in the water is a wonderful activity for those with FOP. Even though mobilty restrictions may prevent someone from swimming independently, the simple act of immersing in water past your chest with your head out can have positive health benefits on the heart, lungs, joints, pain and inflammation.

Swim collars support the swimmer underneath the chin and head, keeping the head securely above water while allowing the body to move more freely underwater. This type of floatation device may also be easier for someone with FOP to wear compared to floaties that fit under the arms or between the legs (body areas that may be immobile and have very limited space due to FOP).

The Kiefer swim collar is made from durable sewn zippered nylon and provides comfortable support that shouldn’t chafe or bother the skin. It is 23 inches long and 15 inches wide to fit adult swimmers, or there is a pediatric version that is 17 inches long and 13 inches wide. Both versions of this swim collar include an adjustable quick-release buckle strap.


* While the use of a swim collar assists with buoyancy and allows an individual with FOP mobility restrictions to independently float and move around in the water, it does not eliminate the need for supervision in the water. An adult should always accompany the user in the water and monitor for safety.

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