KitchenAid Food Processor


Whipping food allows for a person who has a locked jaw to eat a well balanced diet and include a variety of food including meats! Whipping food helps reduce the number of liquid calories a person relies on and eliminates the need for protein drinks.


Nancy Sando is one of the founders members of the IFOPA and lives with FOP in Michigan, Nancy found she was missing her favorite foods after her jaw locked and would often “settle” for having a milkshake or smoothie when what she really wanted was a hamburger. Nancy first tried whipping a Whooper from Burger King and it worked so well she began exploring other foods to whip. Now Nancy eats a variety of food and even created her own how to cook book.  She recommends using a heavy duty food processor like the KitchenAid. A food processor with a “pulse” feature will make it easier to get the desired consistency.


To read Nancy’s how to cookbook on whipping food, “Just Whip It”, click HERE

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