Bath time for kids is both a fun activity and needed activity. Shower chairs are a way for individuals with FOP to reduce the risk of falls in the shower, allow for a little more independence, and help make showering more comfortable and relaxing. Pediatric shower/bath chairs are designed with the child in the mind and are smaller and more comfortable for children. Many have seat belts to improve safety.


The Leckey Advanced Pediatric Bath Chair comes in four sizes to support children ages 1-18 and up to 160lbs. The height of the chair is adjustable and it is designed to fit in a standard American bathtub. A trolly can be added to the bottom of the chair to turn it into a wheeled shower chair. The angle of the chair can be varied from upright to near flat, which could support a child with FOP who needs angled seating. Padded head, chest, and truck support is removable and can be added if needed.


Tadpole Adaptive ships worldwide! Check out their website for other types of pediatric seating and mobility devices.

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