Electronic toilet seat that provides safer sit to stand assistance for those with physical disabilities.


The LiftSeat® powered toilet seat is a potential solution for those living with FOP who are struggling to use a standard toilet. If more simplistic toilet modifications such as a toilet seat riser or grab bars are no longer working for you, a powered toilet seat lift is an option worth looking into. LiftSeat® is a U.S.-based company that can ship to both the U.S. and Canada. The LiftSeat® has the option to lift you up in either an adjustable rotational arc or a straight vertical lift motion to better accomodate your personal range of mobility, and the handlebars move with the unit making it safer and easier to use for someone with FOP who has limited arm reach. The device can also stop at any angle for toileting if you are unable to move through LiftSeat’s® entire range of motion. Lastly, the LiftSeat® does not attach to your existing toilet and is portable, so if you are having a flare and getting to the bathroom is too difficult, you can move it to the bedroom and use it as a commode.


LiftSeat® offers a number of different accessories to customize the device to your specific needs. Make sure to scroll through all of the product pictures in this post or on the LiftSeat® website to view the accessories!

In the U.S., Medicare does not cover the HCPCS Durable Medical Equipment Code E-0172 (powered toilet seat lift). However, some secondary policies or private insurance companies (e.g., BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, etc.) may cover HCPCS Code E-0172 when prescribed by a physician. Check with your provider to see if they cover E-0172 and what paperwork would be needed to cover your powered toilet lift. You may also contact LiftSeat and a representative can help walk you through pursuing insurance reimbursement.

In the U.S. if you elected to enroll in a FSA or HSA program, it is worth contacting your policy to see if funds from those accounts could be used for the purchase of a powered toilet seat lift as well.


We have Kathleen from Canada to thank for this recommendation!  Kathleen shared her recent purchase with the Ability Toolbox program and had this to say:

“I was having trouble getting up off the toilet. We had a raised toilet seat with grab bars, but as FOP progressed, I lost a bit of mobility and I was having trouble. I liked this seat option the best as it just sits around your toilet and nothing actually hooks onto your toilet. Also, if you need it in your bedroom as a commode, you can move it. It raises me to standing position so it is much easier to use the washroom. I got the Independence II model and the company helped me decide which model to get as it goes by how much a person weighs and how tall the person is.”

Although this device is pricey and may not be covered by insurance or disability income programs, Kathleen shared that this was worth it to her:

“I went from struggling to get up off the toilet to using the toilet with ease. I wish I had it sooner”.

Where to purchase

LiftSeat® official website - Ships to U.S. and Canada

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