Long Handle Silicone Scrubbers


Tools that can extend your reach while bathing or showering.


Showering tools can be used to help extend your reach if arm mobility is limited. There are numerous styles on the internet so be sure to do a search to find one that meets your specific FOP needs. We have tried to include multiple styles in this Guidebook. This particular scrubber is made from silicone with soft bristles and a long handle. There is a hole in the handle to allow for hanging in the shower on a hook at an accessible height and location. The handle is extremely sturdy but MAY be bendable if more of an angle is needed – FOP community members have used heat to help bend handles on various tools but there is always a chance that modifying a tool compromises the strength of the tool or even damages the tool.


Silicone scrub brushes are more hygienic and durable than bristle brushes or loofahs. They are easier to sterilize to prevent transferring bacteria to the skin. To keep skin healthy, make sure to clean your body scrubbers regularly to remove build-up of soap, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Where to purchase

U.S. Amazon Smile - DNC brand scrubber