Grips toilet paper and extends reach for wiping, then releases toilet paper.


Wiping tools can assist with your personal hygiene when reaching is difficult.  There are many different styles and brands on the market, and it will take shopping around and trial and error to find one that works for you and your specific FOP mobility restrictions.  Although slightly different in lengths and angles, each wiping tool typically has a gripper to hold the toilet paper and a way to release the paper without having to touch it. Here are a few that the FOP community has tried and recommended:

The Long-Reach Comfort Wipe® is 15 inches and slightly angled, with a soft head that grips the toilet paper. The other end of the tool has a unique release button for sanitary disposal of the used tissue into the toilet. It can be difficult to release the soiled toilet paper due to the silicone coating on the end of the tool. While keeping the wiping tool positioned in the toilet bowl, gently shake the wiping tool as you are depressing the button to help jiggle the soiled paper off the end.


The Long-Reach Comfort Wipe® is sold by many different vendors both on Amazon and through various medical suppliers so it is important to shop around to find the best price. Amazon historically has good prices but for this tool, Vitality Medical consistently sells the Long-Reach Comfort Wipe® at the cheapest price (just under $5) when you apply the additional coupons and free shipping offers they email you after providing them with your email address.