The Long-Reach Toilet Aid is an adaptive tool that can be used to grip toilet paper and extend your reach when wiping.


Wiping tools can assist with your personal hygiene when reaching is difficult. This product is designed to help people who find it difficult to bend, turn and reach. Toileting is a very private daily routine and wiping tools are a way to help the user be more self-sufficient in the bathroom and not need to rely as much on a caregiver. The ergonomic handle can be used to wipe coming from in front of the body or from around the backside of the body depending on how much mobility the user still has in their arms and trunk. If FOP has limited mobility in the hips, it maybe more difficult to pass the wiping tool between the legs when using from the front, but it can be equally difficult to use the tool from behind if FOP has limited any trunk or arm mobility. The Long-Reach Toilet Aid has a unique opening and closing clamp at the end to hold the tissue while wiping, plus a release button on the handle for fast, sanitary disposal of used tissue. 



Consider pairing a wiping tool with a bidet toilet seat – this may increase the likelyhood of proper hygiene after toileting, as well as a faster overall toileting routine.

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