Wheelchair or seat cushion with a special non-slip cover on both sides that keeps the cushion securely in place, helping to prevent slipping or falling out of the chair.


MagicCushions® are designed to improve safety and decrease injuries related to individuals sliding out of chairs. What makes MagicCushions® different than other cushions on the market is that it is constructed with the combination of a soft non-slip polyester cover which encases a therapeutic foam or get-foam combo. The cover creates a non-slip surface on both sides of the cushion. This design decreases the risk of people sliding down or off the chair, and allows the cushion to stay securely in place without the need for additional attachments.

MagicCushions® are available in four styles:

  1. One-Inch Cushion: is constructed with high-density memory foam. It can be used in a wheelchair, dining room chair, office chair or even in a car to prevent sliding during transportation. The one-inch cushion works great for situations when you don’t want to change the height of the chair.
  2. Duo-Foam Cushion: is made of two high-density foams. The supportive base foam decreases cushion sagging while the memory foam topper promotes comfort and pressure redistribution.
  3. Dual Gel-Foam Cushion: is made with Dual Gel-Pod chambers that provide cooling comfort and pressure redistribution providing maximum comfort. The supportive base foam  decreases cushion sagging.
  4. Honeycomb Gel Cushion: is the ultimate cushion, and may be best for those with FOP if they need a wheelchair cushion. It is constructed with cooling honeycomb gel, a supportive base, and memory foam topper. The honeycomb gel is an advanced durable gel product that provides maximum support and comfort while maintaining its shape throughout its lifespan.



* While this cushion may not work as your permanent wheelchair cushion, it might be a great option to use in alternate chairs you use at home, such as an office chair, or in a lift recliner chair to prevent slipping when the chair is elevating and assisting you to standing!

* The best MagicCushions® option for those with FOP who need a wheelchair cushion would likely be the Honeycomb Gel Cushion. However, be sure to consult with your physician and seating specialist to help you choose the correct cushion for your body’s position and needs.

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