MAIDeSITe Electric Bath Lift Chair


Bathtub lifts are remote controlled lifts designed to help lower a person into the bathtub and raise them back up. Sitting in a bathtub can be problematic for many reasons. There is a risk of falls, the possibility of getting stuck and unable to get out, and difficulty finding a comfortable position. Bathtub lifts reduce these barriers and help provide a safe bathing experience.


MAIDeSITe electric bath lift is designed to fit bathtubs larger than 16 inches wide. It can accommodate a person weighing 300lbs or less. The lift is removable and can be installed in a matter of minutes. It does not requiring drilling into the tub to be secured and therefore could be used in a rental home or moved to a new location easily. The chair reclines at a 45 degree angle once in the bathtub. This could be ideal for members of the FOP community who have difficulty sitting in a standard shower chair. The lift is operated by a rechargeable remote control.


Check out this review from home safety expert Graying with Grace to see videos of the lift in action.

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