Manuel’s Reinforced Hairbrush


Adapted hairbrush reinforced with an aluminum bar.


Manuel and his dad Federico are a “dynamic-duo” when it comes to making homemade tools. Manuel has FOP and likes to come up with ideas of tools that could help him perfom basic daily tasks. He then shares those ideas with his dad who gets to work finding supplies they already have around the house to craft up prototypes of Manuel’s plans. Manuel and Federico then fine-tune the tool until it meets Manuel’s needs.

For this particular brush, Manuel added an old broken handle (from a previous tool that broke) to the handle of the brush. This old broken piece had an adjustable angle that still functioned, so Federico and Manuel attached it to the store-bought brush using screws. This made Manuel’s brush handle longer and now allowed it to change angles. However, the amount of pressure put on this brush when using it (along with the screws inserted in the handle) eventually compromised the strength of the brush’s handle and it split and broke again. This picture shows the screws and weak point in the handle.

Did that stop Manuel and Federico? NO! They got back to work looking for ways to strengthen the weak points of the brush. Federico loves to recycle and found some aluminum scraps in his workshop from a previous project. Federico carefully shaped the aluminum into a slightly curved bar that he connected to the backside of the original brush handle to reinforce the plastic handle and the head of the brush. Now Manuel’s reinforced brush is stronger and can withstand the pressure he puts on the tool when brushing hard-to-reach areas on his head. Nice work gentleman!!


You don’t have to invent a totally new tool to meet a particular need…sometimes you just have to adapt an already existing tool to make it stronger or better. And as we learned from Manuel, it also doesn’t hurt to save those broken tool parts – they might actually be useful for modifying a different tool in the future!