Electric toilet lifts can provide a solution when a toilet riser is not enough. Maybe you don’t have the movement in your shoulders to push onto the handles of a toilet riser or use toilet safety rails. Maybe you have lost strength in your legs and need an extra boost but don’t have a caregiver who is able to assist. In many situations electric toilet lifts can safely assist with sitting down and standing up from the toilet. For individuals with FOP, an electric toilet lift can be helpful if movement is limited at the waist, By using the lift, a person can stop the lift at a comfortable position for them.


The MCombo Electric Toilet Lift is a more inexpensive option than some other lifts on the market and can be bought in several countries. The lift is designed for toilets between 14 and 19 inches high. The handles on the toilet lift are folding which creates more space for easier transfers. The toilet lift can hold individuals up to 350lbs. Unlike the Dignity Lift, this electric toilet lift does require a power source close to the toilet to plug into.


Reviewers of this lift report they have been able to install a bidet toilet seat as well as a padded toilet seat to the lift, increasing comfort and use!

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